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Piece of cake

After several examples of artists re-imagining our Italian friends we found a comparatively straightforward usage of the Mushroom Kingdom universe. But hey, straightforward doesn’t mean it’s not equally amazing. Now, that’s a reason to get married:

The cake

It’s the wedding cake of Brent Gustafson and his wife Annette (congrats), created by Gateaux Inc.

See more pictures on Brent’s blog and on his friends Ben Edwards’ flickr.


Traits we didn’t know about Luigi

Did you ever wonder about what Mario & Luigi are doing during their time off? They can’t be chasing Bowser and his comrades 24/7 and must have some reputation throughout the Kingdom. Seriously. Just think about “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga” and remember how excited all the non-player characters got when they met Mario.
Well, Japanese illustrator Goujin Ishihara (1923-1998) did think about the two boys as well and considering his research results it’s hard to understand why everyone only remembers Mario. I know, saving the Princess again and again is an achievement but looking at these pictures gives me the impression that Luigi is able to make quite an impact on some people as well. Never thought of him as such a ladies’ man.

Ladies’ Man Luigi

making an impression
Check out the full set of pictures here.

Credits go to Patrick Macias on whose blog I found this.


Once more I am clueless about the author of a piece but this flash film is very well done. It takes place at the end of the whole mario bros. 3 circuit, where something very strange happens. Maybe this is what happens to Mario after time is over, he transforms to IMARIO, a rather crude fellow. Anyway, in the last scene you can still see his heart break without any mimic expression.


Handre´s Awful Art

To give this kind of character re-inventing a new quality artist Handre De Jager came up with an extremely disgusting version of the plumber duo. I have not seen anything like this before and all I can say is: plain brilliant! Please notice Mario´s massive bulge.handre.jpg

Luckily there is a site where you can actually buy this, and other loathsome prints by De Jager. My favourite one is Kirby.

Louis-Child & Mali-Man

A comic (in japanese as well) by the same artist apparently. We tried to understand the words once, by using the google translator, but still where not able to follow the story too well. The translation programm called the two Luis-Child and Mali-Man though, what I liked a lot. Maybe it´s their real names. Let the pictures speak for themselves (I would love to wear such a frogg-suit once in a while, maybe if I decide to get married it wood be a good opportunity).


I highly recommend this site for further investigation because it is an amazing place filled with all sorts of mushroom kingdom related comics and keen interpretations of it´s characters.


In a world of finely combed body hair

To kick off the plumber place I decided to go with some of my favorite interpretations of Mario & Luigi. Check out the full size images on this site. Unfortunately the whole thing is written in Japanese so I don’t have any information regarding the artist but there is a lot of other stuff to check out as well (which I mostly don’t get).

the mario

the luigi