Ron Jeremy is Mario???

Self claimed video game subculture mag Foul Magazine recently ran a cover story with an interview with adult film actor (who came up with this term anyway, as if these were the only films adults  watch) Ron Jeremy dressed up as Mario.


I am sure this is the most disturbing interpretation of Mario in this blog so far. The interview turns out to be mildly entertaining, though it can feel a little uncomfortable to learn about Jeremy’s precocious and self satisfied views on life in general.



8 responses to “Ron Jeremy is Mario???

  1. ElectricCamille

    He’s a dead-ringer; I find this disturbing in no way. Hell, he should’ve garnered the role of the portly Italian plumber, not Bob Hoskins.

  2. I don`t know. It always has somthing challenging for me to find childhood icons in a new, somewhat nasty sexual context. I don`t say I do not enjoy it but it still creeps me out. He is not a dead-ringer to me, though. More of a debra-winger, ha ha (that`s not fair. she seems nice). But I agree: He is more of a Mario than Bob Hoskins.

  3. That’s a freaky looking Mario.

  4. Um. That is making my childhood cry.

  5. Rule 34 IRL.

  6. thats pretty cool. id never figure mario for a sex symbol.

  7. I worked on this issue w/ the interview of Ron Jeremy.


    buena ron

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