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Hairy Menart

Californian Artist Kenzie Lamar created this. Nothing new in particular but gay attributes and Mario just go together so very well.


Geek Vandalism

Swedish illustrator Chris Magnusson modified some familiar looking places with a spray can full of ms paint. It could use some swearing.

Ron Jeremy is Mario???

Self claimed video game subculture mag Foul Magazine recently ran a cover story with an interview with adult film actor (who came up with this term anyway, as if these were the only films adults  watch) Ron Jeremy dressed up as Mario.


I am sure this is the most disturbing interpretation of Mario in this blog so far. The interview turns out to be mildly entertaining, though it can feel a little uncomfortable to learn about Jeremy’s precocious and self satisfied views on life in general.


A political and somehow naughty Mario

While waiting for Aids Wolf to start their set at the lovely basement of the Rote Fora in Hamburg we took the time to scribble a few of the TV- and Comic characters that made us the people we are today (haha,  is this true?). We found out that Alf is rather hard to draw. Fortunately we don’t run a blog about Alf here. For me, the (Teenage Mutant Ninja) Turtles turned out to be pretty easy but I could never draw Mario. My fellow blogger has the right skills, though. For being a 1-minute scribble it turned out so great. I love the naughty facial expression with his tongue hanging out, he looks like he is going to jump on he head of the Turtle and molest him right there.

mario scribble

Funny side note: Someone wrote “Toete deinen Fernseher” (Kill your TV) on it.

Piece of cake

After several examples of artists re-imagining our Italian friends we found a comparatively straightforward usage of the Mushroom Kingdom universe. But hey, straightforward doesn’t mean it’s not equally amazing. Now, that’s a reason to get married:

The cake

It’s the wedding cake of Brent Gustafson and his wife Annette (congrats), created by Gateaux Inc.

See more pictures on Brent’s blog and on his friends Ben Edwards’ flickr.

Traits we didn’t know about Luigi

Did you ever wonder about what Mario & Luigi are doing during their time off? They can’t be chasing Bowser and his comrades 24/7 and must have some reputation throughout the Kingdom. Seriously. Just think about “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga” and remember how excited all the non-player characters got when they met Mario.
Well, Japanese illustrator Goujin Ishihara (1923-1998) did think about the two boys as well and considering his research results it’s hard to understand why everyone only remembers Mario. I know, saving the Princess again and again is an achievement but looking at these pictures gives me the impression that Luigi is able to make quite an impact on some people as well. Never thought of him as such a ladies’ man.

Ladies’ Man Luigi

making an impression
Check out the full set of pictures here.

Credits go to Patrick Macias on whose blog I found this.


Once more I am clueless about the author of a piece but this flash film is very well done. It takes place at the end of the whole mario bros. 3 circuit, where something very strange happens. Maybe this is what happens to Mario after time is over, he transforms to IMARIO, a rather crude fellow. Anyway, in the last scene you can still see his heart break without any mimic expression.